What If I Am Wrong?

Zechariah Newman —  November 28, 2013 — 9 Comments

What if I think I know which way I should be going and I am wrong? This is what I want to share today because it is a fear that goes into my mind a lot and I am sure that you have these thoughts if you have taken any action toward your dream. Here is the thing about this fear; it is kind of silly because it doesn’t really matter, yet this fear never fully goes away. Everything that you do contributes to the person that you become.

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Let’s stop for a second and think. How could the dream you are chasing or the goal positively affect your life even if it doesn’t come true? I will use myself as an example. If writing and speaking doesn’t pan out, it is making me a better husband, dad, boss, and person. Everything I do, both mistakes and failures, I dissect and try to figure out what went wrong or right. I am learning to trust God more. I am learning to be ok with rejection. I am growing constantly and am learning to pursue life despite my fears.

I wish that I had the secret of knowing what to do all the time, but there is no such thing. We do the best with what we know. Focus on growth and living today as efficiently as possible. Most importantly submitting to the will of God. Trusting in God is not a one time event, rather a daily submitting to His plan. This in time will lead to a life you never imagined. The path may weave all over the place, but it is the process that should be enjoyed not the destination.

We will never arrive. There will be another obstacle and more mountains. Once we get to where we think we want to be, God opens our eyes to so much more. Do not be disheartened or discouraged because the God of the universe knows all that will happen. He will direct your path even if it doesn’t make sense to you. Listen to that still small voice. Be blessed on your journey.

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