Flesh Man Walking

Zechariah Newman —  November 12, 2013 — 4 Comments

My goal and ambition is to help as many people as possible. Though this motive is pure, I have let my flesh get involved. This is so easy for me to do. It is way too easy to over complicate things. It is as simple as, am I living out my will or submitting to the will of the Father? I talked about this earlier in His Yoke Is Easy. The difficult thing for me is that it can be the same actions coming from a different place; one giving peace (being submitted to God) and the other frustration. One looks like hustle the other looks like straining. I hope that while you chase after your dream my failure will keep you from heartache and frustration. These three things helped me to notice that I was living out my flesh instead of walking in the Spirit.


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1. Comparison. I was comparing myself to others. Do you? You and I will never win when we compare ourselves to others. We will look down on other people or look down on ourselves. We are told to do the best with what we are given. We shouldn’t manage others’ time, talents, abilities and experiences, but our own. If you find yourself comparing yourself to others, you have unplugged and are trying to make things happen on your own.

2. Time Spent. Are first things still first? My priorities got out of whack. I was not spending the proper amount of time with God. I had shoved my journaling and prayer time aside so that I could write and connect more. If you are not spending time at the feet of Jesus, you are not submitted to His will. We cannot try to fool ourselves into thinking we are too busy for this. Where are you spending your time? This is a great gauge to tell me when I am too busy. I have cut back on things to fit my time with God back in its place as a true priority.

3. Emotions. We cannot be led by our emotions. We should be conscious of our emotions. My emotions were all over the map last week. Highs and extreme lows. I told Rachel, my wife, I feel so empty. She told me wisely that I had been slacking with God. Do you feel low all the time? It definitely could be that you have unplugged from the vine and are trying to do things under your own will. Pay attention to your emotions. They could be telling you something.

God has huge plans for you. It is God’s leading, direction, and God’s timing that will make this happen. Out of this place of submission is where our dream will happen. Do not be fooled into thinking you just have to carry a heavier load. There can be seasons of this, but our walk with God should be a peaceful one even in the midst of the storm. If you have unplugged, plug back in. Be blessed on your journey.
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  • I’ve learned (and regularly have to re-learn) that my best investment of time is spent with God. When I spend time praying, worshiping, reading my Bible, and waiting on His voice everything else comes easier. Great reminders and thoughts.

    • So true Dan. I have had to re-learn this several times as well. For me it is a slow fade not something dramatic. Then kind of a how did I get here moment. Thanks for stopping by Dan during this busy time of your life:)