The Morning Hustle

Zechariah Newman —  October 22, 2013 — 9 Comments

Are you waiting to get chosen? Waiting to get picked? I don’t know who we are waiting on like there will be a ray of light that shines down, angels sing and we step out. The crowd goes wild and we have been chosen. This is not the reality. It is not called a choosing rather a calling. I have been up writing posts, working on my e-book called, Finding Your Path, writing Facebook posts, and getting my tweets set. All of this has been done in the dark by myself, just me, worship music, and my coffee. There is no glamor and crowd. It is really lonely and can be frustrating. Dream chasing looks a lot like work. Your calling and dream will look a lot like work too. It takes a lot of practice, focus, and patience.  It takes a deep-rooted abiding trust in God that He has a plan for you. Are you sitting in the bleachers or have you stood up and stepped out? Stop waiting. It is not going to happen until you put footsteps toward your dream. My dream and I believe your dream starts in the morning.


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Whether it is a new career direction, working out, reading more, praying, Bible reading, etc., you need to start it in the morning. When you start something new often times it will end up on the back burner. I have not been a morning person, but I have continued to force myself to get up and work on my dream. You can too.

1. Excuses. If you wait until later this huge bag of excuses has been gathering up all day waiting for a chance to be unleashed. “I need to clean the house.” “It has been a long day.” “I’m too tired.” “I need to check my emails.” “There is a big game on tonight.” These are some of the excuses I build into my day that stop me from working at and practicing my dream.

2. Distractions. There are so many fewer distractions at 5 am. No one is going to call you. Not many people are on Facebook. Everyone in your house is likely asleep. The only thing that is hard for me is staying awake till the caffeine or the excitement of writing kicks in. It will be the same way for you. If you get up and go, more will be accomplished in less time. Distractions are best avoided in the margins of our lives.

3. Energy for the day. When I wake up and work at my dream I have so much more energy for the day. I feel alive. I feel this way because I’m getting traction and am headed in a way that I am proud of. It will be the same way for you. Putting footsteps toward something gives you that sense of accomplishment and pride.

I hope this gives you the energy and encouragement to rise early and change your life. Big dreams happen over time with focused energy multiplied by God. Be blessed on your journey.
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  • Excellent post Zechariah. I saw your info on Kimanzi Constable’s site. I started a couple of months ago walking, praying and meditating in the morning. It is making a big difference in my life. I stop making the excuses why I couldn’t do it and just started. It was tough in the beginning, but it has become part of daily life. I feel empty when I have to miss it that particular time. I will check out your site more. Thanks for the shot of inspiration.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting Bernard. It is so funny how waking up and getting after it becomes habit. Bible journaling and prayer is the first thing that I do. I love it, but if it doesn’t happen then it usually doesn’t happen. Blessings to you Bernard.

    • Hey Bernard,

      Zech is doing great work here. Make sure you subscribe to his email. I just read this book and it’s great!

  • I like what you said about ‘working in the dak’. Reminds me of two posts i did on “What to do while still obscure” and “How TD Jakes was discovered”. Indeed, even if someone was to ‘choose’ me, it is what I have been doing ‘in the dark’ that will qualify my ‘election’. Thanks for this great post Zachariah.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Lawrence. I love TD Jakes. It is so easy to see the spotlight on someone and forget that they had small days in the dark too. Have a great day Lawrence.

  • This is such a great statement: “Dream chasing looks a lot like work.” Strategically working toward our dreams always pays off, the key is to persevere until we start to see the results. Many people give up right before they see a breakthrough of success/results. Great post!

    • Thanks Dan. Generous as always. Very true that people give up right before they get results. Great thoughts!

  • Mr. Zechariah, Best way I know to describe it: You are genius or anointed or something… at being able to put the top of the shoe gently, firmly, yet ever so intentionally, to the soft part of the pants in the lower back area. Love it. Thank you, Sir.

    • Haha! You are too funny. That’s my goal, a coconut on the head.