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Zechariah Newman —  October 17, 2013 — 13 Comments

Why do we care so much about what others think? I talked about this with the fear of rejection. It is natural to care what others think to a degree. Here is the problem though. I want you, yes you, the one that has taken the time to read this to chase the dream that God has placed within you. This is impossible unless you make up in your mind and heart that what God says about you is what matters. Otherwise you will live someone else’s dream. You have a “calling.” We refer to pastors as having a calling, which they do. Pastors have a very important role for the kingdom of God. Here is what we fail to remember; we all have a calling. Here is what I would like you to ask yourself: Regardless of the opinions of other people, what do I enjoy doing?

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1. Your dream has to be bigger than the opinions of other people. Your dream has to be so much greater than that or it will never happen. I have a co-worker that was going to enroll in college to be a teacher. In the three years I have known her all she talks about is doing hair and how much she loves it. She was so close to enrolling in school and going into debt for being a teacher because she thought people don’t respect someone who goes to cosmetology school. I love her honesty. I pray she goes in the direction that makes her heart sing.

2. Your dream has to be rooted in God. This is an important step that I believe a lot of people miss, including me at times. You need to look inside to figure out what brings you alive. You need that point in time where it shifts to an outward focus because your dream in the end isn’t about you. Your dream and purpose has to be rooted in Christ or it will feel empty and void at the pinnacle of your success. Do not leave God on the sideline. He wants to be involved in your whole life. This includes the work of our hands.

Start today figuring out what you want to do and not what others tell you to do. Life will be so much sweeter because no matter how much our loved ones love us, this is your journey not theirs. You will be the one putting in over forty hours a week. Bring it all back to God and He will bless the work of your hand. Be blessed on your journey.

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  • Good one Zechariah – I especially like your second point – Keeping it all about God is huge! It’s so easy to dream our own dreams and then try to pretend they’re rooted in God…. but the key part here is aligning our thinking with God’s word first and then starting to dream. That way, whatever comes of our dreaming we know we’re not going to be completely away from what God might want.

    • Thanks Rich. It is so huge to start and finish there. We need to be focused on the work of the Father. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving your comments. Blessings to you buddy.

      • You’re welcome – really enjoyed the post.

  • Having your dream rooted in God is so important. I think one of the key ways people can develop a dream that’s rooted in God is by consistently studying God’s Word. The better we know God the more that knowledge will infiltrate our minds and affect our dreams.

  • Bj Martin

    Does your calling change with time or is the dissafaction because you mishead the call?

    • Thank you BJ for taking the time to read and comment. I can only speak to my personal experience. I believe at the core of ourselves we have a constant that brings us alive and energizes us. How we operate in that can change and often will change. Different seasons happen. For example I love to restore things. I have two pizza places, farm on the side, and write. All are vastly different but when I am restoring I’m alive. It all looks and feels different but all make my heart sing. Blessings to you BJ.

      • Bj Martin

        Thanks Zech. There are aspects of what I do that makes my heart sing, but in other areas I feel chewed up and spit out – emotionally spent. Really wrestling with my calling and how that might look as I move forward.

        • I understand completely. It is a hard journey but at least you are asking the right questions. Look at what brings you alive and which things exactly are draining you. Some things are unavoidable…we will have hard days but drained is not a fun place. If you haven’t read 48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller I highly recommend it. You can get it on my side bar….it is an affiliate link. Good luck on your journey.

  • Essential points when it comes to our purpose/calling. I personally believe our purpose, passions, and strengths are closely connected with each other. Staying closely connected with God and making sure those areas aline with where God wants us to go is crucial. Great thoughts in this post!

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