Rise to New Heights

Zechariah Newman —  August 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

There is such a miss conception about our circumstances. It is so easy to think that life would be different if ___ changed. To even utter in this time of depression that our outlook on life is what affects our moods is so obnoxious. Unfortunately or fortunately however you look at it is true. Our attitude determines more of our direction in life then we want to admit. The battlefield that rages in the mind is a fierce one and often times it is one step forward two steps back. Thoughts translate into words which breed life.


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This week I want you to try something that I heard while listening to Zig Zigler. I’m going to focus on your job, but it translates into any area of your life.

Step one is to write down things you like about your job. No matter how much you hate your job, if I made you write down your likes what would you say? Here is a list of mine:

  1. I like my job because I get to run my own business.
  2. I like my job because I affect other people’s lives.
  3. I like my job because I work with fun people.
  4. I like my job because I get to meet neat people.
  5. I like my job because I lead people.
  6. I like my job because I get to serve people.
  7. I like my job because I make money.

Step two is to look into a mirror so you can look into your eyes and say with feeling this list except change “like” to “love.” I know this sounds cheesy but just try it. See if your attitude does not change over time. Our attitude determines whether we rise or shrink back.

Let’s use our words for good. Focusing on the life around us instead of the death. If we are not faithful in the season we are in, we are not going to enjoy the next season. So take control of the battlefield now. Move past hate and fall in love. Change your surroundings by changing your mind. He who is faithful with little will be given much.

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