Is That A Light Or A Train?

Zechariah Newman —  June 18, 2013 — 4 Comments

When headed toward a dream or goal we will almost always hit a rough patch. In these times it is hard to tell whether that is a light at the end of the tunnel or a train coming to run us over. This can be so scary in the moment. The bigger the dream or goal, it seems the potential train is ginormous and the small light of hope is tiny. These 4 things help me to figure out whether to hang on to hope or jump out of the way of the train.

1. Why were you chasing the dream or goal to begin with? Has anything changed since you started chasing the dream? The last five years have changed dramatically for me. In that time my wife and I have had three kids. Just a little different life now. From two incomes and no kids to just one income and three little ones that take time and money. Don’t get me wrong, they are such a blessing but they changed our world. My goals and aspirations have changed with my life. How about you? What has changed?

“Your dream is not big enough if it does not scare you.” ~Unknown

2. What is the worse that can happen? Chase your dream! Chase your dream with wisdom. I have to go slow with anything new. Life is full and I’m sure it is full for you too. If you are the sole financial provider, probably not a good idea to quit your job and start a business you have never run before. It could go great or it could be an ugly baby. Come on now, who thinks they have an ugly baby? No one, but there are lots of them out there.

3. Are you good at it? I’m not talking about going from zero to pro. But with time, are you developing into being good at the dream? I have never sang professionally before and even with hours of practice it still wouldn’t be pretty. On the other hand, running a business is different. I am better now with nine years of experience, but I was decent out of the gate.

4. Is it too narrow? Sometimes we pick a thing instead of the why behind it. Expand your vision. I love to restore people which is my why in many different areas, however, only one is paid. I am not providing for my family with this. It is just a way to expand my vision to encompass restoration into more of my life. If I said I am going to just write and that’s final, that is a big fat train.

Hopefully this list helped you to think about the light at the end of the tunnel with a fresh view.

What are ways you figure out whether to hold on to hope or jump out of the way?

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