Marathon Lesson #3: Running My Own Race

zechariahnewman —  October 22, 2012 — Leave a comment

Most of us struggle in one of two areas. We either conform to what others are doing or purposefully attempt to be different. Both positions are inauthentic and are exhausting to keep up. When we operate in either of these two areas we are robbing ourselves of the life that God has designed for us. We are operating out of fear of man instead of reverential fear of God. In the marathon of life we all have different paces, stride length, and natural ability. So we need to stop comparing our race to others and run the race we were made to run. These 4 ares help me to run my race.

1. Prayer: It all begins with asking my heavenly Father. I pray daily that God would focus my gaze on Him. That He would give me His eyes. That I would see myself and others the way He sees us. That He would lay the path before me that I should go. Prayer aligns my heart with His and puts the focus on my race.

2. Confidence: Confidence in the correct source is crucial. I am completely confident in God’s character and who He is. Being a born again believer He is in my heart. He has designed me for a purpose. He will complete the good work in me in His own timing and place. I will fail but He will never fail me.

3. Humility: This goes hand in hand with confidence. I am humble because everything I am is from God. All my strengths where God-given. My wife, kids, family, finances, and friends all are blessings from God. All are not from some deserving place but by His grace He has entrusted these things to me. Even as I write this I’m humbled by His grace and mercy. On my own I deserve nothing, but with God I have everything.

4. Trail and error: What makes you smile? What would you do for free? What energizes you? I love to be a part of the catalyst for change. I love to teach and see the light come on in someone’s eyes. The only way that I know this is by praying that God would direct me and then got off the bench and got into the game. Somethings I found I hated but I found I enjoyed other things and felt fulfilled. Certain things that are easy for me are hard for others and certain things that are a struggle for me are easy for others. I found all of this out by testing the waters.

I implore you to not worry about the races of others and run the race you were designed for. There is no other you that can run your race. Ask God to shine a light in the darkness, to direct your steps and He will be faithful in His timing to do so.