Lesson #1 from Marathoning: Resetting goals is very important

zechariahnewman —  October 15, 2012 — 9 Comments

   I had trained for months for my first marathon in Portland Oregon on October 7 2012. I had a goal to run it in 3hrs and 30min.  I had trained at that pace and was confidant I would get that goal.  Unfortunately the thursday before the race I became sick.  Race day came and I decided to change my goal to 4hrs.  I began the race and 9 miles in I realised I needed to change my goal to just finish the race. At 5:12  I crossed the finish line tired but happy and accomplished.  Because when outside circumstances changed I reacted and changed my goal.

Most of the times there are going to be unforseen outside circumstances the happen to us that make it impossible to hit short-term goals.  We need to look at the long-term goal and recalibrate and set new short-term goals.  This has 3 necessary benefits.

1. It refocuses us towards today: If I would have not been willing to move on my goals I would not have finished my first marathon. I would have gone to fast under the new circumstances and probably had to medical out.  If you get laid off your going to stop your savings goal and switch to trying to get a job.  We need to adapt and change. It will help us to get the most out of our day. Refocusing on the new goal instead of dwelling on the unattainable or already attained goal.

2. It brings enjoyment to the journey: Life is supposed to be enjoyed as a whole. We should be stretching but if we are usually straining this is not good. Straining is an unhealthy life style that will shorten your life and probably make you pretty miserable. Be realistic with whats in front of you. Stretch to new levels but don’t strain daily.

3. Pride and accomplishment is returned: If I would not have reset my goal I would not have felt accomplished for running my first marathon. Because I did I have already signed up for my next marathon. We need a sense of traction a sense of winning. A quick win, not everyday but most days. If we get this sense of accomplishment it will be great confidence and fuel for the long journey of this life.

So if you have failed on some goals. Congratulations your humans. Instead of wallowing in misery reset goals and refocus your gaze on today. If you press the reset button you will be amazed at the new energy, focus, and passion that will return to you. Continue to be blessed on this journey of life as you stretch yourself.

When have you had to reset goals? How did that help?

  • Great word Zech! So proud of you.

  • Rachel

    You are an amazing, wise man. Sure am proud of the man you are!

  • Congrats, Marathoner!! More great days ahead for ya.

  • I enjoyed reading about your experience and what you learned from it. Words of wisdom for sure Zach! Good for me to keep in mind. Living as a military wife taught me I better be flexible and accept change and that has helped me in life and my walk with God. Proud of you that you did not quit and give up! Bravo!

    • Thank you. Flexibility in our walk with Christ is a must! Thank you for reading 🙂